Language Navigationv1

Language Navigation provides a language/country navigation for a site, so that visitors can navigate to the same page in a different locale.

Using Core Components

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Simple language navigation with Language Structure Depth set to two. Shows a language navigation structure built from a page tree with both country and locale displayed in the result.

  1. jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured
  2. jcr:createdBy: admin
  3. jcr:lastModifiedBy: admin
  4. jcr:created:
  5. navigationRoot: /content/core-components-examples/library/templating/language-navigation/language-structure
  6. jcr:lastModified:
  7. sling:resourceType: core/wcm/components/languagenavigation/v1/languagenavigation
  8. structureDepth: 2